December 19, 2008

Top 5 On Friday: For 2008

Top 5 On Friday
Hosted by The Meme Mistress at "The Music Memoirs"

Top 5 Non-Traditional Christmas Song
1. 35 Biggest Hits by Toby Keith
2. Folie à Deux by Fall Out Boy
3. One of the Boys by Katy Perry
4. Indestructible by Disturbed
5. Black Ice by AC/DC


  1. I really don't follow too much current music so i'm not familiar with 1 - 4 (I know the artists but not the songs)).
    I certainly know ac/dc and missed seeing them this year. haven't heard the album so i can't comment on it.

    i want to pick up beck's new albuum though.

  2. I didnt realize Beck had a new album out!


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