December 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #26


Thirteen Items to Keep In Your Car
(and other items as needed)

01. Blankets
02. First Aid Kit
03. Windshield Scraper
04. Booster Cables
05. Road Maps
06. Mobile Phone
07. Tool Kit
08. Tow Rope
09. Flashlight with extra batteries
10. Bottled Water
11. Spare Tire
12. Battery Powered Radio
13. Flares

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  1. Shame on me . I only have five of those things in my van at the moment.

  2. We bought one of those kits for the car that has a lot of these (though I think that the flashlight that came with it doesn't have any batteries!). How would OnStar effect the list?

    Happy T13!

  3. Kristi...Only 5? You need more stuff! hehe

    MinTheGap...I like OnStar and it does come in handy but not enough people have it or can afford it.

  4. I used to have most of those - except mobile - but I haven't driven since 1984.

  5. I only have three of those. *embarrassed*

  6. I could make a list of things I have in my car, and none of these would be on it :-( But that's a different story for a different time.

    Posted pictures to remind myself of warmer times in the year---and our trip to Colorado/Wyoming in August :-D


  7. Hmm...don't have any of those things. If we did, there'd be no place for groceries or the puppies. We really need a better grocery-getter than a pickup. lol

  8. Anthony...not driving can be a good thing at times. There are some wild drivers out there. need to be embarrassed. must share that story.

    Bundle...there must ALWAYS be room for the puppies! They are top priority.

  9. I have only 4 of those. At least I have no need for a windshield scraper in Florida!

  10. I experienced a similar problem. When I bought my iPhone, I first checked with “Got Reception?” ( It’s a great resource for finding out where reception problems are most likely to occur BEFORE you lock yourself with a specific carrier.


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