December 23, 2008

Ten On Tuesday: Resolutions

10 New Years Resolutions
Hosted by Yano

01. Communicate with my daughter more.
02. Spend more time with my son.
03. Go outside with the dogs more.
04. Get a job in Wisconsin.
05. Find a house in Wisconsin.

06. Move to Wisconsin.
07. Talk to Steve more about how I feel.
08. Express my feelings better to everyone.
09. Stop drinking so much soda.
10. Get my teeth and health issues fixed.


  1. I take it your looking towards Wisconsin? LOL
    I gave up drinking soda an dropped a few pounds and lowered my blood pressure (it has lots of sodium).
    Good luck in all in all your endeavors!

  2. Hello Shannon!
    Great Resolutions for this new coming year Shannon! I do hope you get to move to Wisconsin :)


Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you!