December 2, 2008

Neighbors From Hell

I found a new Monday Meme titled "Fun Monday". Yes, I am playing along a day late but that is ok :) .

This meme is hosted by "Beyond My Slab" and this is this week's theme..."Welcome. Here's where you sign up for the December 1st version of Fun Monday. Here goes: Tell us about your all-time worst Neighbors from Hell. You know, the family of Irish clog dancers who once lived in the flat/apartment above you? Mrs. Nextdoor and her banshee-like multiple orgasms? Mr. and Mrs. Hard-of-Hearing with their television on full blast? The guys across the street who set off 4th of July fireworks starting in March and didn't stop until the first real snowfall?"


Growing up, we had neighbors that were rather mean. Our dogs like to chase cars and the neighbors like to tease the dogs and tried many times to run over our dogs. I know Dad asked them several times to leave the dogs alone but they never listened.


  1. Aww, How mean! Some people just hate dogs I guess or animals in general.

  2. SF...Not me :) I love animals.

    Ari...I agree.


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