December 8, 2008

Monday Music Mambo: John Lennon

Monday Music Mambo
Hosted by RFDuck at "BlogDrive Insanity"

RFDuck says..."Hello everyone! Today is Imagine Day, in honor of John Lennon."
1. What is your favorite John Lennon song, solo or Beatles?
2. What do you consider John Lennon's best recorded performance?
3. What does John Lennon mean to you?

My answer: I have not listened to much John Lennon or the Beatles but what I have heard I do like. My favorite song is "I Saw Her Standing There" but I think the best recorded performance was/is "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

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  1. I couldn't say I have ONE favorite, there were just so many to choose from. John Lennon meant the world to me, I was crushed when he was murdered...and it was the day before my Mom's birthday. I miss him.


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