December 22, 2008

Monday Movies: Feel Good Flicks

Monday Movie Meme
Hosted by The Bumbles

Here are a few movies that I consider to be "Feel Good Flicks"
01. "Finding Nemo"
02. "Steel Magnolias"
03. "Gone With The Wind"
04. "Grease"
05. "The Wizard of Oz"


  1. Wow. I completely agree with all of your choices. I actually considered including Steel Magnolias but left it off because it actually makes me sad about as often as happy. Oz was on TV yesterday - some cable channel. I remember when it used to be on network TV every year around X-Mas. Those flying monkeys scared me though. Thanks for stopping by and playing this week!

  2. I just watched the Wizard of Oz this weekend ... love it!

  3. We watched the Wizard of Oz in HD the other night. Beautiful, and yes, strangely heartwarming and mood- lifting.

    Here's my list.


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