December 11, 2008

Monday Morning Meme (Late)

Hosted by Write From Karen

December 8th Questions:
1. What did you do over the weekend?
The weekend went by to fast. Saturday we sat around the house and played World of Warcraft and other video games. The Man is still sick/has health issues so we don't do too much outside of the home. Sunday, Son and I went to Wal Mart, the Laundry Mat, Sonic and McDonalds. I really need to get my washer and dryer fixed (or replaced).

2. If it weren’t for my blog, I’d spend more time working (when I am at work) or more time reading.

3. When was the last time you replied “because I said so”? Do you find yourself saying that a lot? Or do you prefer to tell people WHY you want them to do something for you.
I say it to my son and to The Man often. But at work I would rather tell them why I want them to do something.

4. What is the worst gift you’ve ever received? Tell us the story behind it. Now tell us the worst gift you’ve ever given. What was the reaction of the recipient?
The worse gift I guess I have ever received was absolutely was if I was not even a blip on the radar. This has happened many times on my birthday, at Christmas and even on Valentine's Day. I do my best to not stress about it but it really does hurt my feelings.

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