December 23, 2008

HoT: This Time of Year

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Today's Topic is: TAILS - "This Time Of Year"

This time of year always arrives with mixed feelings for me. I love the magic of Christmas and I long for the days when I was young and carefree. I hate the commercialism and consumerism of today's world. It seems as if nearly everyone is worried about how many presents they will get and how expensive the gifts will be. Folks want the "latest and greatest" of all those toys and gadget and they seem to forget the true meaning of Christmas.

This year I am experiencing one of my "down" times. Christmas is not the same for me this year...I have not even put up the tree or decorated the house. Money is too tight and there are just too many bills to worry about. I am stressed over work, home, family, my brother and his family, bills, vehicles, etc. It is a never ending vicious cycle.

People tell me that it always gets worse before it gets better. My only question is...when does it stop getting worse?


  1. Oh Shannon!
    I am so sorry that things are so hard this year. I don't have an answer for when it will start getting better, I just know it will! You have to have hope! When things are to much for me or things are bad, I think to myself "This to shall pass". This wont last forever! I am really sorry Christmas is not how you would want for it to be this year. Keep focused on the true meaning of Christmas...

  2. I am sorry things are so hard this year...I am having the same kind of is extremly short, and we didn't buy much except for my grandson, grand daughter, and my two year old son....
    My three oldest children are all away this Christmas, and we found that hard too...but I hope your Christmas turns out better then you thought...Merry Christmas...

  3. I sympathise with you. Xmas is tight for me, too, this year. It is my hope that many see in this that there is more to Xmas than consumerism. There is also family, magic and goodwill.

  4. Social...Hope is what keeps me going.

    Robyn...Thank you :)

    Merry Christmas to you both.

  5. Anthony...That is one of my hopes also but so far I have seen many people that only worry about what they are getting as gifts. Which
    saddens me.

  6. I'm just like you... fighting some depression. We can't get any gifts, because of finances, and this is the first Christmas I will spend without my family.
    ((((HUGS)))) - I'm here if you need to talk or vent.

  7. Misty, thank you so much for your kindness. ((((hugs))) to you my friend. Talking is a two way street :) I am here if YOU need to vent or talk!

  8. I'm glad someone else said it. I'm a lot more into the season than I have been in past years, but down underneath it all is the blahs.

    My first Christmas with Butthead, my ex, we couldn't afford a tree so we put tinsel on a plastic potted plant and wrapped "gifts" to each other.. dish soap, tissues.. etc.

    Thankfully things aren't that bad this year (financially) for me and Mike. Thankfully the family put a cap on spending.

    Everyone sends out wish lists. I cannot forget a few years ago when, after opening a gift from us, one of my sons said "that wasn't on my list." Geez.

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  9. Skittles...that is one thing I always dread LOL I dont want to hear "that wasn't on my wish list" or "that is not what I wanted"

  10. I empathize with you. I think we're all there a bit. The only reason I decorated is because my 'estranged family' invited themselves for the holiday which forced me to 'adjust'. I should have been more honest and just said, sorry I can't afford for you to be here, but they were insistent so I caved and now I'm sorry I did. I just keep trying to remember the reason for the season and ignore their commercialistic remarks. I've been escaping into emails, but even those aren't working right so now I'm diving into blogs! Anyway, I guess I'm saying hang in there, you are not alone!

  11. Thanks for commenting Tamy. And thank you for letting me know I am
    not alone :) You are a great lady...hang in there :) everything will work out.

  12. I appreciate what you are going through. I have been worried about my job,and therefore my finances, since about October, and this time of year exacerbates the issue. Many of my friends are struggling, too, which adds to my worry list. I haven't been able to get it together to put up the tree this year, either. So it's not like I have a magic cure for the holiday blues to share.

    But still, it helps to concentrate on what really matters. "Books. Cats. Life is good." No matter what happens, my books and my cats are MINE and they bring me joy. I also anticipate my nephew, who is 9, standing next to me when I unwrap a gift he either made or bought with his allowance. He gets so excited and proud he can't contain it and he shifts from foot to foot. I love how much he loves giving.

    I hope this holiday season you can find those little moments to light up your day a bit. We all need them.

  13. I hope the worst is soon the past... Life has turned more than tough for many of us. Good luck!

  14. We're in the same boat, my bloggie friend. I wish you an unexpected windfall for the new year.

  15. Sorry hun. Hugs
    I know just how you feel. With Cliff changing jobs and no money and my ankle hurting, it just hasn't been the same. :(

  16. Gal...My concentration is on my kids, the dogs and family. I still have them no matter what.

    Tumble...thank you so very much.

    Bundle...thank you for the hugs and best wishes. (((hugs))) need to be sorry dear :) Thank you for being my buddy!


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