December 19, 2008

Friday 5: Keeping it Positive

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1. What’s your favorite thing about the shoes you’re wearing (or the shoes you were most recently wearing)? They are super comfortable and my favorite color (black) for shoes.

2. What’s your favorite thing about the people you work with (or the people you go to school with)? I work with a few people that are really nice and don't treat me like I am worthless.

3. What’s your favorite thing about the climate where you live? I like the trees changing in the fall and the beautiful summer evenings.

4. What’s your favorite thing about Friday? Knowing that the next day is Saturday and I have two days off away from work.

5. What’s your favorite thing about the year coming to an end? The really bad things are done and over with and we can start fresh.


  1. Starting fresh each new year is great! Although last new year brought me here to Florida and I have not been so happy with that,lol.

  2. Florida isn't too horrible :) It just isnt home for you.

  3. I'm ready for a fresh start! Happy Friday...

  4. i've always wanted to visit "up north" somewhere when the leaves are changing with all the golds, reds and oranges in the trees. not too much of an in between change here other than "alive" and "dead." happy friday =)


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