December 5, 2008

Food 4 Thought Friday: December 5, 2008

Food For Thought Friday
Hosted by Jodi
Breakfast: What is your favorite time of day and why? Late evening and night is my favorite time of day because it is when I feel my best.

Lunch: If you could find anything under your Christmas tree this year, what would it be? A new watch would be nice. But if I were to dream big I would like to find money under my tree. 500,000 after taxes would be awesome!

Dinner: Would you want to know when you were going to die? No! Because I would try to stop it from happening and that would not be good. Don't you watch movies? NEVER mess with fate.

Midnight Snack: If someone gives you a Christmas gift that you weren't expecting to, do you give them one in return even though you didn't plan on it? Depends on who it is but more than likely I will not get them a gift. I will get them a Christmas card and a thank you card.

Recipe for this Week (instead of your recipe for life - what is it for just this week?).
And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. ~*~Abraham Lincoln

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