December 11, 2008

3x Thursday: Has It Ever Occured To You That

3x Thursday: 12/11/y2k+8
Hosted by The Hair Metal Queen

1. Do you think that if more people in this world got laid on a regular basis (what a regular basis is, is up to you!), there might be less generally unhappy people? Why/why not? I think it would make some people happy but not enough to make the world a nice place. I think money is more of a motivator in happiness than sex is. Unless you can get paid well AND have sex, then, just maybe everyone would be happy.

2. Do you think there are just some people on this planet that will never *ever* be happy? If so, why? If not, why not? I do think there are some people that will never be happy but I think it is because they cannot find anyone or anything that makes them happy. They need guidance in finding what or who can make them happy.

3. Do you think that to force people to change their ideas about a system of how something works (say, the energy industry), it has to totally collapse before that change can happen? Why/why not? I do think that in order to make changes something drastic has to happen first. At times it seems that is the only way to open people's eyes to the whole issue.

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