November 25, 2008

Ten On Tuesday: Christmas

10 Things You Want for Christmas
Hosted by Yano

01. A new watch
02. To move to Wisconsin
03. To buy my first home
04. My children to be happy
05. Steve and Brian to feel better
06. My teeth pulled
07. Dentures
08. A new purse
09. New shoes
10. A pretty necklace


  1. I have a blog buddy who just got all her teeth pulled and got dentures and she is so happy with them. I hope you can do that soon.

  2. Hi Shannon!
    Are you having teeth problems? Pain? Or is it just time for dentures? I hope you get all you want this Christmas :)
    Have a great day...

  3. teeth are very bad :( I am in pain most days and the ones that the dentist in the past did not pull are broken and infected.

  4. I feel your pain Shannon! I went through about 6 years of non stop horrid teeth pain, spent about $10,000 trying to fix whatever was wrong. For a while everyone thought it was all in my head! I had 5 root canals and I had my Wisdom teeth out about 2 years ago and then it all just stopped. Right as I was on the verge of having them all pulled and getting dentures and I was 27 at the time! I get cavities so easily, I have soft teeth. The last year I have had no cavities, which is shocking,lol. I lived on pain pills for all those years when none of it worked! I am so sorry Shannon, I hope things turn around for you. I know how teeth pain can effect every area of your life and how it can snuff out any joy you might have. Hang in there!
    Sorry for rambling,lol.

  5. Frog...I dont think you were rambling! It is nice to know I am not alone. Thank you for your thoughts.

  6. Good wishes...

    Mine's up at


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