November 15, 2008

Saturday 9: Kiss and Tell

Hosted by Crazy Sam


1. Who was the last person you kissed? Steve (my other half) about an hour ago.

2. What are you wearing now? Black sleep pants and a black sleep shirt. The shirt has a bunny on it and writing that says "Crazy doesn't even begin to cover it!"

3. What is your favorite meal at a fast food restaurant? A taco salad, large Pepsi and Cinnamon Twists

4. Are you a morning person? No way in hell!!!

5. When you were young, what career did you want? I wanted to either be a Computer Programmer or to join the Air Force...or do both.

6. Do you have a thing (it can be just fantasy) for a blogger that you read? No.

7. Do you wear jewelry? Sometimes but not very often.

8. Do you wear perfume or cologne? If yes what type? Tommy Girl and Imari

9. Do you think about sex a lot?
Doesn't everyone?


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