October 1, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness: October 1, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #23
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1.) Have you ever purchased an item of clothing and intentionally worn it with tags on it so that you could return it the next day? Not that I can remember...and I probably would not do that.

2.) Would you rather be late to the party, or the first person to arrive? Why? I would rather be on time to the party. I don't want to miss anything and I don't want to be stared at by arriving late.

3.) When do you usually begin your Christmas shopping? The week or two before Christmas. Sometimes I wait until a day or two before Christmas.

4.) What three canceled TV shows do you wish they’d bring back? MASH, the good 90210 and Scrubs

5.) What do you have in your vehicle's glove compartment? Registration information, insurance card, a small wrench and some receipts.

6.) Have you ever donated blood? Yes.

7.) Have you ever kissed or dated someone significant other? What happened? I sure at one point the people I kissed and/or dated belonged to someone else.

8.) Have you ever mistaken one product for another while in the bathroom and didn't notice until after you used it? (EXAMPLE: Washing your hair with liquid body soap, slathering hand soap on your legs instead of lotion after a shower, et cetera)
Not that I can remember.

9.) Would you/Have you ever dated someone who had a criminal record? Yes, I would and Yes, I have.


  1. LMAO Love it, another late Christmas shopper! Its nice knowing I'm not the only one!

  2. I usually start my Christmas shopping some time this month. I haven't even thought about it yet though.

  3. OOOooooooh Beverely Hills 90210. I was a fan too. Yup.

    Good answers; Happy WW ; )

  4. Lolita...I am sure there are more of us out there,

    Tammy..you are braver than I am!

    Smile..Thank you!

    Bud...I keep Tylenol in my purse.

  5. I know people who've done number one but I would never do that either.

  6. gah, you don't start your christmas shopping until right before christmas!!!
    i miss seinfeld, i loved to see another new episode.
    thanks for dropping by earlier via QOTD.

  7. Didn't think of 90210....seeing that in your answer made me think of Jump Street...Holly Robinson (whoa), Johnny Depp and Peter Deluise. Anybody remember that one?


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