October 14, 2008

TMI Tuesday #156 - Foresight

TMI Tuesday #156
Hosted by Professor Fate

1. What do you do that sends a clear signal to your partner that you're interested in an intimate evening?
I come to bed naked or I strip off his clothes before he gets into bed. Or I just say "come play with me".

2. How important is foreplay to an exciting evening?
Foreplay is always important and should always be a part of any exciting adventure.

3. What is the first thing you do during foreplay or what is the first thing you like done to you?
I like to kiss and be kissed and to touch each other softly...light kisses is all the right places.

4. Are you a one and done kind of partner (20 minutes or so) or do you like intimacy sessions longer than 60 minutes? It depends on how much time we have, if we have to work the next day, the day of time, etc. I like variety.

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  1. Hey Shannon...that's a nice little way to ask...who could turn that down?


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