October 12, 2008

Sunday Stealing: The "Sometimes" Meme

Hosted by Judd Corizan

The "Sometimes" Meme: All you have to do is finish the sentence...

Sometimes I just need: peace and quiet.

Sometimes I want: to be left alone.

Sometimes I like to: sleep all day.

Sometimes all it takes: more than saying "I love you".

Sometimes I picture: myself relaxing on a beach enjoying the sunshine.

Sometimes I wish: the world was a nicer place.

Sometimes I find: that I forget where I parked my car.

Sometimes I take: a nap to help my headache go away.

Sometimes I look: at the stars and wonder what is really out there, and why I am here.

Sometimes I hate: dealing with stupid people.

Sometimes it’s nice: to have someone else worry about everything.

Sometimes it hurts: to walk because my feet are very swollen.

Sometimes it makes me happy: to sit and do nothing.

Sometimes it’s sad: to know that I will die someday.

Sometimes I listen: the local radio station to help me get through the work day.

Sometimes I sleep: on my back and I wake up with a back ache.

Sometimes I like to watch: the sun setting in the evening or the sun rising in the morning.

Sometimes I feel: like I am all alone in the world.

Sometimes I rant: into my pillow so that no one knows I am upset. I don't like hurting other people's feelings.

Sometimes I never: get to sleep until an hour or so before the alarm clock goes off.

Sometimes I really: wish I was not so nice to people.


  1. I love that you mentioned the recuperative powers of SLEEP. Sometimes all it takes is a dose of slumber to heal what ails us (like headaches).

  2. I think it is funny how many of us have said we need quiet! Have a great Sunday.

  3. The motto in my office: "You can't fix stupid." :-) But we sure have to deal with a lot of stupid people and it is the least enjoyable part of my profession.

    As Deana observed, many of us mention a quest for peace and quiet. Is that a statement about life in 2008? I think so.

    Happy Sunday.

  4. Gal...even power naps help me.

    Deana...not really funny, just more and more of a dominating need.

    JHS...I like that motto. I need to have it in my office. And I do think that is a life statement for 2008 and beyond.


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