October 18, 2008

Saturday Special: Words Ending in GHT

The Saturday Special
~Words Ending in GHT ~ I Say You Answer~

Hosted by Toni

1. Cry In The Night...I must get out of bed and check on that...make sure the kids are ok.

2. Tasty Delight...Chocolate cake with chocolate icing topped with chocolate ice cream!

3. Bright Light...Turn that damn light off! I have a headache.

4. Air Tight...Helps to prevent freezer burn.


  1. Your peace globe from June 2008 has been placed in The Peace Globe Gallery.
    I can so relate to the bright light. Ouch.

    You are officially peace globe #988.
    BlogBlast For Peace ~ November 6, 2008 is going to be awesome! Thanks for spreading the word here, Shannon. You totally rock.

  2. My mind is at a standstill. can't think of any ngt words:)
    I've added you to my new blogger friends! Can't wait to read more of your posts.

  3. Mimi...you are very welcome! It is a good cause.



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