October 19, 2008

Randomness: Spooky Prompt

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Spooky Prompt: Finish this prompt...add as little or as much as you want.

As I lay awake past midnight, I could hear the wind rustling the leaves outside. I suddenly heard a scraping sound at my window...maybe it is just the wind blowing the tree too hard. My mind begins to play tricks on me and I think I can see fingers in the shadows of the window. Oh no! Someone is out there and they are trying to get in. I need to get up and see what it is but I am too scared to move. I pull the blankets up over my head and hope that noise goes away.

I lay there for a few minutes and suddenly realize that I need to go to the bathroom.. Waiting always makes my back hurt so I know I have to get up soon. Finally I force myself out of bed and run to the bathroom, turning on all the lights in the house as I go. After I am finished I grab my flashlight and walk slowly back to my bedroom and over to the window. I shine the flashlight out the window and there on my window sill is a.......................................cute kitty! She looks cold so I let her in.


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