October 13, 2008

Monday's A Bitch: Name Game

Monday's A Bitch: The Name Game (On Crack) V 2.0
Hosted at http://community.livejournal.com/mondaysabitch/

1. You are the founder of a new scientific lab for medical research. What do you name it?
The name of my new scientific lab would be Pi-Haz...a combination of my maiden name and my current last name.

2. You begin a sexual affair with one of your co-workers. What do you name their genitals?
I would not have an affair with a co-worker...that is just too gross. BUT IF I did I would name it George.

3. The unfortunate result of this affair is that you discover a new disease on your lab partner's genitals. What are the symptoms and what do you call it? The Pink Haze.

4. The disease turns into an epidemic that almost wipes out the population of your city. What do you call this sad day to commemorate it?
The Pink Haze Craze.

5. After efforts to control the disease are unsuccessful, the human race is forced to relocate to a new planet. As the founder of the lab which was responsible for discovering the disease that destroyed humanity, the task of naming this planet falls to you. What do you name it? I would name it Beyond...as in Beyond Earth.


  1. "The Pink Haze Craze"! That's fantastic hahaha.
    Thanks for playing. I'm glad someone on MAB has a sense of humour ;)

  2. It is nice to have fun now and then :)


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