October 20, 2008

Manic Monday: October 20, 2008

Manic Monday #138
Hosted by Fleur De Lisa

How long does it take you to get out of bed in the morning?
My alarm goes off 30 minutes (before I actually have to get up) and I immediately hit the snooze button. I hit the snooze button a few times, so it takes me 10 minutes to 30 minutes to get up in the morning. I really do not like getting up, but once I am up I am good to go.

Do you usually sleep on one side of the bed or another?
I prefer to sleep on the right side of the bed and I like sleeping on my right side.

Something you wish to accomplish before the end of the year.
I want to find a job in Wisconsin and move there before the end of the year.


  1. 30 minutes of snooze button?! That would drive me nuts. Ha!

    I played too :)

  2. You seem motivated for Wisconsin. It is not a destination that you chose by accident, I'm guessing...

  3. I hate alarms! I do hope you get yourself a job in Wisconsin :)

  4. Teena...but I hate waking up!

    Bud...I want to be closer to family.

    Frog...Thank you!!!


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