October 21, 2008

Heads or Tails: Wire

Heads or Tails
Hosted by Barb (Skittles)

Today's Topic is: HEADS - Wire

Uses for a Wire Hanger
01. Hang up your clothes
02. Make a fishing net
03. Hang your shoes on
04. Make an antenna
05. A clothespin holder
06. Holding up a tall plant
07. Unlock a car door
08. Bubble Wands
09. To reach things
10. Hang your keys on.
11. For use in Arts and Crafts
12. Paper Towel Holder
13. Toilet Paper Holder
14. Making a mobile
15. Scratching your back


  1. I remember using a hanger for an antenna! A piece of tin foil wrapped around the used to help too for some reason.

    I've also used them as paper towel and toilet paper holders when camping.

    Scratching my back? I usually grab whatever is close. A spatula in the kitchen, the remote if in the living room, an ink pen if in the computer room. (Note: Make sure the pen is closed. :P)

  2. I've used a hanger for almost everything on that list!

  3. Great list! I love the idea of the back scratcher use.

  4. Skittles...I use to do the same for my TV. Keeping the pen closed is a great idea :)

    Tammy...cool beans!



  5. Great suggestions! I love useable lists...


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