October 10, 2008

Friday 5: Unrelated Questions

Friday 5 for October 2: Unrelated Questions Created in a Panic!
Hosted by www.friday5.org

1. Under what conditions are you most likely to cause injury to yourself? Icy, snowy or wet conditions...I will fall LOL I have fallen off my front porch many times in those types of conditions.

2. What named mountain is nearest where you are right now? Taum Sauk

3. When did you last eat something with coconut in it? Trail Mix, earlier this week.

4. Who’s getting on your nerves? A lot of people but I won't say who...that will just piss me off more. I try not to think about them.

5. Somewhere, somebody is asking him- or herself whatever happened to you. Who is it?
I cannot think of anyone. I really doubt that anyone from the past misses me.

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