October 27, 2008

Free Kibble News

Here's some exciting Free Kibble News!

Today, there's a "Daily Double" which will donate twice the amount of kibble for each trivia answer! Spread the word and double the donation for the day!

Tomorrow, you'll see our new Kibble Komic, The KIBBLEMANJARO EXPEDITION, 2008. We'll be updating the kibble komic about once a week.

Mimi Launched freekibble on April 01, 2008. On May 14, she delivered her first round of kibble to the Humane Society of Central Oregon: 240 lbs. and enough to feed 456 dogs for one day! Since then and as of today, October 27, freekibble and freekibblekat have raised over 62,000 lbs. (31 tons!!!) of kibble and enough to feed 400,000 nutritious meals to homeless dogs and cats! Freekibble now has 11 shelters across the country on a monthly program (see list @ http://www.freekibble.com/projects.asp). And several other shelters have received large one-time kibble donations!

And, in case you missed it, you can see Mimi talking kibble on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, at: http://www.freekibble.com/press.asp

Please keep on playing the trivia game and spread the word so we can feed many more homeless dogs and cats around the country.

Thanks for helping us feed the animals!

This message was sent by: Free Kibble, PO Box 699, Bend, OR 97701

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