October 9, 2008

3X Thursday: Two Week Worth

3x Thursday: 10/02/y2k+8: Do You Believe?
Hosted by The Hair Metal Queen

1. Do you believe we're on this planet for a reason? If so, what is it? If not, what *do* you believe?
Yes, but I have not figured out what that reason is yet.

2. Do you believe we carve our own paths, or is it possible that there's such a thing as 'destiny'? Why/why not? I believe it is a combination of decisions we make, and the decisions those around us make.

3. Do you believe in magic? Why/why not? Sometimes...maybe as a way to give me hope.

3x Thursday: 10/09/y2k+8: Music & Pirates
Hosted by The Hair Metal Queen

1. Do you like iTunes? Why/why not? What do you think of the iTunes store maybe going away? Does it matter to you? Why/why not?
I don't like iTunes and it would not bother me if it went away. I don't use it and have no need for it. There are other, better ways to get music.

2. How do you get your music these days (torrents, iTunes, Amazon, record store, other)? What's your prefered method of media (mp3s, cd, vinyl)? Why?
I purchase CD's or MP3's or I buy music online OR I listen to the free stuff online.

3. Do you play any Rock Band or Guitar Hero? What do you think of downloadable content? More specifically, what do you think of downloading entire albums to play when you've already bought the CD in the past?
We have nearly all the Guitar Hero games and both Rock Band games in our house. I think it is crap that after paying so much for the games we are asked to purchase more content! It gets to be rather annoying BUT I still pay so that we can have fun.


  1. I totally agree with you. Others can influence the path our life takes as much as we can ourselves.


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