September 13, 2008

Saturday Special: Creative Adventure

The Saturday Special
~~Creative Adventure XVII ~ Fill In The Blanks~
Hosted by Toni

1. While driving home from a ride in the countryside, I happen to spot a large Victorian type old-fashioned general store at the end of a side road. Thinking it might be nice to buy something to take home, I drive up the long driveway and can't help noticing the rows and rows of trees lining the driveway and the beautiful flowers in huge urns.

2. Parking the car anyway, I walk up the steps to a big front porch that wraps around the building. Upon reaching the door I am shocked to see that it is slightly ajar. I guess they knew I was coming.

3. Once inside the store you wander around and up the four floors and can't help but notice you are the only one there except for
a little blond girl, that is carrying a very large basket of flowers. I ask her why she is alone and all she does is smile. As I turn to leave she asks if I would like to buy a flower. I purchase the entire basket of flowers and thank her.

4. Finally leaving the general store, you remember to remind yourself that
I need to put the flowers in water. So I turn around to ask the little girl where the bathroom is. But she has disappeared. I wonder where she went? Oh Well...I guess I will just have to get home quickly so the flowers don't die.

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