September 6, 2008

Saturday 6: Famous Success

Saturday Six
Hosted by Patrick's Place

1. What’s more important to you: being a recognized leader in what you do, or being a trusted “worker bee” in what you do? To me it is more important being a trusted worker bee.

2. If you knew you had accomplished something that would make you “famous” by today’s standards, what would scare you most about such a prospect? Being in the spotlight all the time. I prefer to be behind the scenes...I like my privacy.

3. Should famous people’s families be “off limits” as some have suggested, or are such intrusions something that famous people should just “live with?” I think families should be off limits.

4. Take the quiz: What Are You Going to be Famous For?

You will be famous for eating the most hot dogs at Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating competition

You love life and enjoy doing what you feel like whenever. You are a free spirit and are not tied down by any social conventions.

Take this quiz at

5. How would you define “success?” Job security with good benefits.

6. What’s more important to you, a career that could bring you financial security, or a career that could bring you emotional/spiritual security? A career that brings me financial security.

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