September 21, 2008

Randomness: Books

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9/21 Let's talk books this week.

1. Name a few of your favorite books. "Gone With The Wind", "The Boxcar Children" and nearly everything by Stephen King, Danielle Steel, Dan Brown and Jeffrey Deaver.

2. Is there an author that you don't like, yet so many people seem to love? None that I can think of right now.

3. Name a book to film adaptation that you really like. Name one you think was done poorly.
I really enjoyed watching "The Green Mile" on film. I think everyone involved did a wonderful job with it. I am sure that there are a few that I did not enjoy watching...but I cannot think of any.

4. Where do you buy your books?
I buy them from the local bookstore, thrift stores, Wal Mart and online.

5. What genre do you read the most?
I read horror, fiction, non-fiction and crime books.

6. What genre do you dislike?
I get tired of Self-help books.

7. Is there a book that has changed your life?
No, not really.

8. Have you ever met an author? What author would you like to meet? I have never met an author but I would like to meet Stephen King. I also would have enjoyed meeting Margaret Mitchell.


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