September 8, 2008

Monday Music Mambo: Wedding Music

Monday Music Mambo
Hosted by RFDuck at Blogdrive Insanity

RFDuck stated..."This will be quick and simple, because I really should be in bed by now. I was at a wedding this weekend, so that will be the theme for today."

And the questions is..."What was your First Dance wedding song? If you aren't married yet, what song do you want played during your first dance?"

My response: For my first (and only marriage so far) we did not have a wedding. We got married before the Justice of the Peace...short and sweet. IF I get married again I am not sure what song I would like to hear for our first dance. More than likely it will be "Angel Eyes" by the Jeff Healey most favorite song ever!

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  1. Ours was "You'll Be In My Heart" from 'Tarzan.' Cheesy, I know -- but it was popular at the time and we loved it.


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