September 5, 2008

Friday Fun: School Is In Session

Friday Fun: Back to School Edition
Hosted by Kiki

Kiki stated..."My kids started school yesterday, and for the first time, I am without kids during the day!! :( So this week’s Friday Fun is all about school!"

1. School uniforms: Good thing or bad thing? Why?
It can be good or bad. For me it would be a bad thing because I like to wear baggy clothes to hide my body (fat) and uniforms are not usually baggy.

2. School supplies: Our school district operates under a limited budget and school supplies other than notebooks and paper tend to be common use, meaning the class shares what each child brings in. What is your feeling on providing for the class rather than just your child?
I don't mind it but it doesn't always seem fair. Not everyone is able to provide things to the classroom which causes those that can afford it to provide more. This causes cliche's to form in the classroom. I think donations to the classrooms should be provided anonymously.

3. Favorite classes: Math or science? English or History? Band or chorus?
I choose Math, English and Band. I hated physical education classes!

4. Foreign languages: Did your school have a foreign language requirement? What languages did they offer? Did you take a language?
My high school offered Spanish but it was not a requirement. I did not take that class but I took it in college (which was a requirement).

5. Visiting the past: If you could go back to school, would you? Or is it better off in the past?!
I would not go back to school, at least not to elementary, junior high or high school. Those days are long gone and I prefer to leave them that way. However, I would love to go back to college and get my Master's Degree.


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  2. My grandsons wear uniforms kind of. They can only wear black of khaki pants with the school shirt. Their parents find it much easier than regular school clothes shopping.

  3. Thank you Davipiero :)

    Skittle...I bet it is easier. I never thought of it like that.


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