August 27, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #18

Wednesday Weirdness #18
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1. How often do you talk to your siblings? Every day

2. How well do you deal when given an ultimatum? I make the decision and stand by it.

3. Have you ever dated someone or had a lover who had an emotional or mental disorder? Yes

4. How do you feel about crossdressing? People should dress in a way that they are comfortable.

5. Have you ever lied about the number of sexual partners you have had to someone? Why? No, there is no point in lying.

6. Does your significant other have the same political and religious views that you do? How often do you discuss politics and religion with them? No he does not and we discuss them now and then but not often.

7. What sport, if any, do you find to be most boring? Tennis

8. Have you ever honestly peed in the pool? Yes.

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