August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #11: Not The Olympics

Thirteen Things To Do Instead of Watching the Olympics
01. Play World of Warcraft.
02. Blog
03. Watch Movies.
04. Sleep.
Watch Food Network.
06. Play games on
Clean the House.
08. Do the laundry.
09. Cook Dinner.
10. Play with the dogs.
11. Talk to my brother.
12. Take a vacation.
Go Shopping.

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  1. True! I can't miss the Olympics though...I love it and it only comes every four years.

  2. Happy TT...great blog...but I heart the Olympics and since it only comes every 4 years and the other things I can do anytime...I'm

  3. Yeah I haven't been watching the Olympics. I'm not a big fan of sports or Communism, so yeah.

  4. Great list - I only watch my favorite events and only when I'm available.

  5. ...Practice guitar.

    I liked the opening ceremonies. After that...I dunno.

  6. Those are all good things to do, Shannon, I agree. :)


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