August 2, 2008

Saturday Six: Superhero's

Saturday Six - Hosted by Patrick's Place

1. Which superhero is your least favorite? Hummm...I cannot think of one. They are all pretty much ok to me.

2. Which famous villain is your favorite? The Joker!

3. Which two superheros would you most like to see in a big fight, and which do you think would win? The Hulk and Superman! I think Hulk would win :)

4. Take the quiz: Which superhero are you? Superman! *see quiz results below*

5. Which superhero do you most identify with? Wonder Woman

6. Which of that superhero’s talents would you think you’d be least likely to use? Super Strength...because people would always want me to move their furniture.


You are Superman
Superman 65%
Spider-Man 65%
Green Lantern 65%
Batman 55%
Catwoman 55%
Robin 52%
Hulk 40%
Supergirl 35%
Iron Man 30%
Wonder Woman 25%
The Flash 25%

You are mild-mannered, good, strong and you love to help others.


  1. This one was hard for me.....I don't do the super hero thing!! LOL

  2. We saw Batman last night and Heath Ledger was unbelievable!

  3. Super heroes are not my thing either.

    I have not seen the new Batman yet...I am waiting for the DVD!


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