August 18, 2008

Monday's A Bitch: Random Joy

Monday's A Bitch: Random Joy
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1. Have you ever read a self-help book and if so was it useful to you?
I have read a few but I cannot remember if they were helpful or not.
Maybe I should read one on memory! LOL

2. If you could have one thing made out of pure gold,what would you choose?
Something small, like a ring or earrings.

3. What one word do you overuse the most?
I overuse "whatever".

4. Who is the least charming person you have ever met?
I have met a few throughout my years but I will not put their names down :) I am nice like that.

5. What article of clothing that you either gave or threw away do you wish you could have back?
Many years ago I had a really cool, neat, blue sweater that I loved.
It got too small and I had to throw it away. I should have kept it!

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