August 12, 2008

Heads or Tails: Supply

Heads or Tails
Hosted by Skittles

This weeks prompt is "Supply"


“If I were a girl, I'd despair.
The supply of good women far exceeds that of the men who deserve them.”
~*~Robert Graves~*~


  1. Great song, but I love that quote you chose :) Happy HOT day!

  2. Hehee.. I love the quote, too!

    I think I'm going to have to see if I can get a CD of Air Supply's greatest hits. I'd forgotten how much I loved them!!!

  3. Thanks Sue. Happy HoT to you all.

    Skittle...thanks. I don't have their CD's either but I still listen to them online.

    Rambler...thank you!

  4. Air Supply was a favorite in high school and lots of their songs have great memories attached to them. Time to dig out the mp3 files.

  5. I love Air Supply! Have a great HoT

  6. When I first saw the word supply, I thought of Air Supply. :)

  7. That quote is so true, so true!

    I am loving all the Air Supply today. It takes me back.

  8. My Mom liked Air Supply. I thought they were alright.


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