August 8, 2008

Friday Fun: The Birthday Edition

1. Do you like to celebrate your birthday, or is it just another day? I don't like to celebrate it yet I still get upset when family and other people that I am close to me forget about my birthday. I don't forget their birthdays.

2. What are five things you would like to get for your next birthday? A new watch, Cherished Teddies, new shoes, Scrubs on DVD and a new purse.

3. It is your birthday and money and reality have no bearing! What is your IDEAL day? I would love to sit at home, alone and have peace and quiet all day. The phone won't ring, there will be no crisis to deal with and no drama.

4. What is the best birthday memory you have?
I have never really had a "best" birthday. I can remember a few of them turning 16 and turning 22. On my 22nd birthday I married Richard...just a great present for him to give me (NOT!). We separated less than 2 years after that. Thank goodness.

5. Are you doing anything special for your next birthday? No, just another day :)

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  1. I don't like to celebrate my birthday, either, but I don't want anyone to forget me, just like you said! I like this meme. It's a new one to me.

  2. I like celebrating my birthdays less and less every year. :)
    We are online at the same time!!


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