August 1, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #83: August 1, 2008

Hosted by Janet

Questions 1 and 2 this week are courtesy of Sherry, thanks!

1. If I could travel back in time, I'd go to the Wild Wild West! I think it would be fun to see the land then.
2. Give me lots of chocolate or give me a nice cold Diet Cherry Pepsi.
3. I am listening to the sounds of my office and the people in my building.
4. Somewhere, someone is thinking "Someday I will win the lottery and get out of this hell hole.
5. I'll always be me.
6. My idea of a good time includes not being in pain, sleeping in late, not doing the dishes and not doing laundry.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to playing World of Warcraft (of course), tomorrow my plans include staying in the house where is it a lot cooler than outside, and Sunday, I want to sleep late and fix a late breakfast with eggs, biscuits, gravy and bacon!


  1. I too would love to see the Wild West. Biscuits and Gravy sound delicious right about now. I need to eat something. ;-) Have a nice weekend!

  2. not doing the dishes, and not doing the laundry.

    amen, sister! :)

  3. mmmmm bacon!!!

    Have fun this weekend, thanks for playing :-)

  4. Dawn...bring me some lunch :) is a good dream that I have :)

    Janet...I love bacon.

    Bud...You have to teach me how to ride it!

  5. I'm staying in this weekend too...highs around 100. I'll be over for breakfast Sunday morning!

  6. Come on over Gina :) Bring Cliff, Tuffy and Mandy too!

  7. Shannon!! How funny, my son has told me he plays world of warcraft with MOMs! You may be one of them!! He is so hooked, are you?
    do you think it's okay for a 15 year old to be so obsessed with a game!?! Wouldn't it be a riot if you've played him!
    great answers! :)

  8. What server on World of Warcraft does your son play on? I am on Terenas.


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