August 14, 2008

3x Thursday: How Do You Handle

3x Thursday - Hosted by The Hair Metal Queen

1. Do you freak out about the little things or the big things? Why?
I stress about everything! I can't sleep at night because the day/week/month/life events run through my head and I try to analyze them...or try to figure out ways to fix things or make them better.

2. How do you handle death and dying?
I am scared of my own death. But when it comes to the death of others I handle it pretty well. I tend to be strong in public and supportive of my loved ones. But when I am home along I cry and let my feelings out.

3. How do you handle being yelled at by someone? What do you do about it?
I handle it calmly and keep my voice firm. Why should I lose control just because they are being stupid?


  1. That is good you keep your voice calm when someone is yelling. When Cliff yells, I tend to yell back. hehe

  2. I used to have a boss who ONLY yelled & sweared at me. But it was my first radio management job and I realized if I pretended he ws talking normally, I could deal with it. THe funny thing was I'd answer him normally and I think he was surprised I didn't react stronger....

  3. Gina...fight fire with fire?

    Bud...I bet he wanted you to yell back. Good job of not doing so :)


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