July 18, 2008

Top 5 on Friday: Vacation Music

Top 5 on Friday
Hosted by The Meme Mistress

Top 5 Vacation Albums (albums you have to have with you when you travel or make you think you're on vacation)

1. Permanent Vacation by Aerosmith

2. Appetite for Destruction by Guns n' Roses

3. Toxicity by System of a Down

4. Look What the Cat Dragged In By Posion

5. Who Made Who by ACDC


  1. AC/DC will always make me feel like dancing around like a fool and drinking beer, which are both great vacation activities! WOOT!

  2. I don't drink beer but I don't mind "girly" drinks :)

  3. You're a metalhead :) tee hee, much like my sister :)

    Thanks for playing.

  4. LOL She must be a great sister then :)


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