July 29, 2008

TMI Tuesday: Language Edition

TMI Tuesday #145 - Language Edition
Hosted by Professor Fate

This is a tribute to the late great George Carlin.

1. What is your language pet peeve? "So Be It"
2. What is your favorite word? Both dirty and clean? "Whatever" and "Horse Shit"
3. What is the one word you cannot spell? Antidisestablishmentarianism (yes, I looked it up)
4. What is the one word you always pronounce wrong? There is a local store that I always pronounce their name wrong.
5. If you could erase one popular catchphrase from the English language, what would it be? "That's Hot" as said a lot by Paris Hilton

Bonus (as in optional): The late, and very hot Michael Hutchence (INXS) once sang, "Words are weapons, sharper than knives" . What is the most hurtful thing you have ever said to anyone? Was it deliberate or accidental? What was the most hurtful thing ever said to you? Do you think it was deliberate or accidental?
I deliberately told someone that I love, that I no longer loved them, and meant it. I was tired of being hurt, lied to and abused. There are lot of things that people say that hurt me...some are deliberate but most are accidental. The worse thing is being lied to. I can handle the truth much easier than lies and backstabbing.


  1. Great answers! I love your bonus. I'd rather be hurt by the truth over being hurt by backstabbing and lies.

    Happy TMI!


Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you!