July 1, 2008

Tina's Tuesdays: The News

Tina's Tuesdays: The News
Hosted by Tina Silva

1. Do you follow what's on the news everyday?
2. What sources do you use to hear about the news? (ie: newspaper, tv, internet, etc)
3. What latest story did you hear about that left you dumbfounded?

I read the news on the Internet everyday, including web site for local television stations and newspapers. I also subscribe to a few RSS Feeds for the news as well as receive email updates from local/state/US/International web site.

The latest story that left me dumbfounded was about a little boy that was beat to death by his father...while many adults watched. I do not remember where it happened but I do remember how angry I became after reading the story. I was shocked no one stepped in to help.


  1. I do try to follow the news daily! We had some good and bad local news yesterday-aaahhh!

    So did you know what a 710 knob was? (my Do You Know? post-lol)

  2. LOL Yes, I know what the 710 knob is without having to look it up. LOL That was trick/joke my dad played on me years ago :)

  3. How does a father do that? Ohhhhhhhhhhh boyyyyy...


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