July 30, 2008

Take5 For Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Take5 Tuesday - Hosted by http://take5.lifes-adventures.net/

1. 5 of your favorite things.
~Desktop Computer

2. 5 things you wanted to be when you grew up.
~Computer Programmer
~A member of the United States Air Force
~Police Officer

3. 5 of the best compliments that you have ever received.
~"I think you are beautiful"
~"Nice dress."
~"Your hair looks great like that."
~"Your children look like angels."
~"Those are real? Awesome!"

4. 5 songs that you would pick as your theme songs.
~Angel Eyes
~Take This Job and Shove It
~I Shaved My Legs For This
~I Will Always Love You
~Don't Worry, Be Happy

5. 5 people that inspire you.
~Brian, my brother
~Colt, my son
~Vickie, my daughter

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  1. I liked your 5 compliments and inspirations.

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