July 13, 2008

Randomness: Summer Love

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Week of July 13: Summer Love

1. Have you ever had a summer romance? What happened? If not, what would be the perfect summer romance? I have never had a summer romance, the opportunity never presented itself. I am not sure what the perfect summer romance would be. I am not really into that.
2. What's your favorite summer themed love story or movie? Dirty Dancing
3. Do you find the seashore romantic or played out? It isn't that romantic...relaxing but not romantic.
4. The boardwalk by the ocean, is it fun and entertaining, a great place to meet people?
Or is it too crowded and are you sick of it? It is usually too crowded and doesn't really seem like a great place to meet people. All those people get on my nerves and I would rather be at home.

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