July 28, 2008

National Milk Chocolate Day

According to the National Confections Association (NCA) July 28th is National Milk Chocolate Day!
What a great food to celebrate! :)

# Milk chocolate is chocolate with milk powder or condensed milk added. The U.S. Government requires a 10% concentration of chocolate liquor. EU regulations specify a minimum of 25% cocoa solids. In the 1870s, Swiss confectioner Daniel Peter invented the process of solidifying milk chocolate using condensed milk, which was invented by Henri Nestlé in the 1800's.

* Hershey process milk chocolate, invented by Milton S. Hershey, founder of The Hershey Company , is able to be produced more economically, by being less sensitive to freshness of the milk. Although the process is still a trade secret, experts speculate that the milk is partially lipolyzed, producing butyric acid, which stabilizes the milk from further fermentation. This compound gives the product a particular sour, "tangy" taste, to which the American public has become accustomed, to the point that other manufacturers now simply add butyric acid to their milk chocolates.


  1. my husband was just reading an article about how chocolate milk is a beneficial beverage choice for athletes. Full of calcium, vitamins and other good things.

    While I'm no athlete, I do like me a cold glass of chocolate milk now and again.

    Surfed in from That's My Answer. Have a great day!

  2. YUM! You're making me wish I had some right now. Milk chocolate is my favorite chocolate.

  3. Hey Shannon! Just wanted to let you know you've been tagged for a meme at my blog. Let me know if you decide to play!

  4. Woooohoooo! Finally! Recognition of my addiction!!! heeeheeeheee

  5. Woooohoooo! Finally! Recognition of my addiction!!! heeeheeeheee

  6. So we'll celebrate with chocolate malts tonight! WOOHOO!


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