July 14, 2008

Monday Morning Meme: July 14, 2008

Monday Morning Meme
Hosted by Write From Karen

1. Do you ever change the ring tone on your phone? What is your current ring tone? What cell phone service do you use now? Are you happy with said service? What sort of phone do you have? Are you happy with your phone? How often do you use your cell phone in a 24-hour period? I like to change the ring tone on my cell phone now and then. Right now I have "Crazy Bitch" as my ring tone LOL I love it. I have a Motorola flip phone and my service is Cingular (AT&T). I have had this service for many years now, so I guess I must like it. I am ready for a new phone. I would like to have a Blackberry or a Razor, but we shall see. I don't really use my cell phone too much during the day...maybe an hour total per day.

2. The year is half over (can you believe it?!) - think back, where were you at midnight, when it became 2008? If you made goals for ‘08, what were they and have you met them? What would you like to accomplish before ‘08 is over? Tell us ONE thing you absolutely MUST have done before the year is out.
When it became 2008 at midnight, I was at home with Steve and Colt watching television, while we were all three playing World of Warcraft. I did not make any goals or resolutions for 2008 and I have not done any New Years resolutions for a long time. In the past when I made a resolution it was broken within a month...or less! There really is nothing that I absolutely MUST do before 2008 is over. I would LOVE to move to Wisconsin soon though :)

3. It’s Saturday – are you going to lounge around the house and be sloppy? Or are you going to be social and run errands and catch up with friends? Sloppy or social?
I prefer to be sloppy. I am social all during the work week so on the weekends I like to lounge around the house and be sloppy. It helps me to relax and prepare for the upcoming work week.

4. If you could live one day in the life of your favorite TV character, who would it be and why?
I would like to be Elliot in Scrubs. She can be such a clumsy person yet still looks good!


  1. I am so totally sloppy on weekends. Crummy clothes are the most comfortable ones!!

  2. Clever phone? I doubt you are ever either...


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