July 3, 2008

3x Thursday: Summer Check

3x Thursday: Summer Check
Hosted by The Hair Metal Queen

1. What activities/events have you done so far this summer? Anything cool? So far this summer I have done nothing fun...unless you count working! LOL Work has been really busy, maybe once it slows down I will be able to enjoy summer more.

2. What's up for the second half of summer? Got any plans? Anything that you want to do that you haven't done yet?
I plan on going to a concert in August (ZZ Top and Bowling For Soup. I still want to go fishing a few times, camping at least once and even swimming!

3. What's the bestest thing about summer? What's the worst?
The worst thing about summer is that at times it is too hot to do anything! Too hot to leave the house, too hot to work in the yard, too hot to travel. The best thing about summer is you can get out of the house more often and do fun things! Like trips to Six Flags, trips to the local county fairs and carnivals. Also, the food in the summer is so much better! Watermelon, Barbecue, corn on the cob, home made potato salad and more!


  1. I LOVE Bowling for Soup. ZZ Top is great, but longer in the tooth. Have a safe and great weekend!

  2. Thanks Bud! I hope you have a great weekend also!


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