July 10, 2008

3x Thursday: Long Lost Friends

3x Thursday: Long Lost Friends
Hosted by The Hair Metal Queen

1. Do you ever have 'ghosts from the past' pop their heads in to say hi? Has it happened to you lately? If so, who was it? If not, is there anyone you wish you could find? This has not happened to me lately and there really is not anyone from the past that I would like to see. Unless it was my deceased parents...and if they pop in to say hi I will have a heart attack!

2. What do you think of Facebook? If you're a Facebooker, have you had any contact with long lost friends of the past? I use Facebook but not very often...I visit my account once a month or so. Facebook has gotten to be very annoying and I don't think it is very user friendly. The same contacts I have on Facebook, I also have on MySpace and MyYearbook (two sites which are easier to use and less cluttered). Facebook has "too much going on" and needs to tone down the applications and spam.

3. Pretty much everyone is easily found these days. Do you miss the days of not being able to be found, or do you welcome people finding you? Why/why not?
It depends on who is looking for me and why they are looking for me. I do miss the days when it was not so easy to be found and I was allowed to have some quality "me" time.

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