June 4, 2008

Wednesday Mind Hump: Pets

Wednesday Mind Hump
Hosted by RFDuck

Greetings, mind humpers! Today is Hug Your Cat Day. I'm sure not all of you have a cat, so we'll just make that Hug Your Pet Day.

Tell us about your pets. If you don't have a pet, tell us what pet you would like to get someday.

This is Shelby and Annabelle...my beautiful girls!

Shelby was Born November 20, 2004. 1/2 Boxer, 1/4 Blue Tick Hound and 1/4 Catahoula

Bella was Born November 22, 2000. 1/2 Cocker Spaniel and 1/2 Black Labrador

Annabelle and Shelby do get along well very well.
We have always told them that they are sisters and they act like it :) They seem to be best friends.

More information on Catahoula's can be found under the post
"What is a Catahoula"

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