June 24, 2008

Tuesday Tunes: What If

Tuesday Tunes - Week 38
Hosted by The Meme Mistress

What if a friend took your favorite CD and never returned it. First what CD would it be, and how huge of a row/fight would you have with your friend as a result? As most of my blog readers know, Aerosmith is my favorite band/artist/group. So, if a friend of mine borrowed one of Aerosmith's CD's and never returned it, I would be upset. I would not fight with him/her about it, just ask them to return it. If they didn't return it I would go buy a new one :)

What if you found a mix CD laying on the ground? Would you pick it up and try to play it? Yes, I would pick it up but I doubt that I would try to play it. I would just toss it into the trash.

What if you somehow ended up having dinner with your favorite recording artist, what would the dinner conversation be like?
I am not sure that I would be able to eat or talk! LOL I would be so shocked that I would "freeze up".


  1. Ah, Aerosmith. I was just listening to their Greateset Hits yesterday. (Except Dude Looks Like a Lady. I didn't download that one because I think it's overplayed.)

  2. I know I would freeze up, too, if I had the chance to dine with an artist I love!

  3. Gal...it is overplayed but I still like it :)


  4. I've found that most famous people are fairly easy too talk to. And that's coming from someone that has a collection of old men rockers :)

  5. I see nothing wrong with old men rockers :)


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