June 17, 2008

Tina's Tuesdays: RSS Feeds

Tina's Tuesdays
Hosted by Tina Silva

1. Do you subscribe to RSS Feeds?
2. If so, what sorts of sites do you subscribe to? If not, how come?
3. Have any favorite sites? Share them here!

I subscribe to RSS Feeds. I like a variety of sites but most of the ones I subscribe to are blogs.

A few that I subscribe to are:
That's My Answer
WTIT: The Blog


  1. I just loaded all of my blogs on google reader and I love it! I just stay signed in and anyone that posts it shows me immediately! I soooo love it! If I like a blog-I click bookmarks and click susbcribe to this page and add to google reader!

  2. I use Google Reader also :) I think it is the most user friendly.


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