June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - First Edition: June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen
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Thirteen of My Favorite Movies

01. Gone With The Wind
02. Twister
03. Batman
04. Days of Thunder
Smokey and The Bandit
06. Convoy
07. Coal Miner's Daughter
08. The Green Mile
09. Full Metal Jacket
10. Steel Magnolias
11. The Lion King
12. Talladega Nights
13. Back Draft

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  1. Happy First Thursday Thirteen!

    I really am glad you enjoy Steel Magnolias! I love Dolly Parton and met her when I worked at Dollywood. She is wonderful in that movie!

  2. Welcome in T13...

    I've never seen all those movies before :D Maybe I watched but I forgot the title. It's happen to me a lot ^__^

    Mine in here Thanks

  3. I agree re #1 and #8. Welcome to TT.

  4. I've always loved #1 - I should buy the video to avoid all the commercial breaks.

  5. Great list! Several of your movies are ones I really loved, too.

    From one newbie to another, welcome to T13!!!

  6. Hey … welcome to the weekly T-13 party! Nifty list to start with and (even though I don’t go to many films any more) … I’ve actually SEEN some of those and enjoyed them too. Loved the Lion King, Green Mile, Steel Magnolias, and Gone With the Wind is such a classic!
    Have a great day! Mine’s at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Awesome list! I own quite a few of them...I love popping GWTW in and curling up with some tea..such a great movie! Thanks for sharing :-D

  8. Ctina...it was one of the last movies I saw with my mom before she passed away.

    Picturing...Thank you for the welcome!

    Nicholas...thanks :)

  9. Sd-b...the commercials make the movie way too long.

    Clara...thank you :)

    Storyteller...thank you for the welcome and thanks for visiting me!

    Stace...I own them all LOL I love watching movies.

  10. Welcome to Thursday Thirteen. Gone With The Wind is a great classic, isn't it? Happy TT!

  11. Siani...one of the best in my opinion :)


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